Are You A Lady From Llanelli Who Wants To Stay Fit, Healthy & Have An Amazing Immune System During This Coronavirus Pandemic?
And Feel Better About Yourself?


From The Safety Of Your Own Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Starting Soon: 24 Places Released

From: Jamie Stedman
I'm going to take a guess that you're reading this right now during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and that you would rather stay at home and get in great shape rather than go to the gym?

I understand. 

Which is exactly why I've invested in the technology to help bring our workouts LIVE to your living room. 💪

YOU Can Still Get Into Amazing Shape And Stay Healthy Throughout This Chaos 


So Let Us Bring The Gym To Your Living Room

[With LIVE Interactive Workouts From Our Facility In Llanelli]

I know Our Fitness Formula Works....

So I Have Chosen To Help Other Local Ladies With A Brand New 21 Day LIVE Workout & Nutrition Programme
Here's How It Works
Our Customised Nutrition APP
Creating better habits regarding nutrition without having to completely cut anything out - this then becomes long lasting.
Follow Along With Me Broadcast LIVE Into Your Living Room
Carefully designed workouts x4 per day - for maximum fat loss and toning - utilising the 'After Burn' effect so you continue to torch fat up to 24 hours after the workout 💪.
Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls
Via our members only Facebook group
- Q&A + Motivation + Support To help you stay on track and focused throughout.

Working Out From Home LIVE Is FUN!

You Can Even Get Your Kids To Join In!!

Our Nutrition, Workout And Focus Strategy Help YOU Get Toned
By Getting Rid Of Big, Wobbly Fat & Replacing With Small, Tight, Muscles

"You don't have to stay disciplined forever"

You only need to be disciplined for as long as it takes to become a habit. Then it just becomes part of your weekly routine - like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 

FORGET WILLPOWER - you don't need it with this structure in place. 
And This Is Just A Temporary Measure Until Everything Is Open Again 😃
So Who Exactly Is This For?
  • ​Are you worried or suffering with some anxiety about having to stay at home?
  • ​Really want to stay fit and healthy throughout this pandemic?
  • ​Want to keep your immune system boosted and healthy.
  • Are a little bit concerned that you might eat unhealthy food & be considerably less active each day?
  • ​​Want A MORE Toned Body
  • ​Want MORE Confidence
  • ​Want MORE Energy
  • ​Want MORE Success
  • ​Want MORE Belief 

How Are LIVE Workouts Different To Recorded?

The Coach Is Actually Able To Coach You In Real Time & Interact With You Personally

This Is What YOU See On Your Screen [laptop/ phone or tablet]

This Is What We See

But I'm A Technophobe!

Don't Worry - It's Easy As Long As You Have A Phone / Tablet / Laptop Or A TV

Next Programme Starts Soon
3 LIVE Sessions Per Day ⏬
These will be broadcast LIVE Monday to Friday:
✅ Early Morning: 7am
✅ Daytime: 9:30am
✅ Evening: 5pm
+ Saturday morning 9am Fat Blaster Workout

These workouts will then be recorded and shared in our Private Facebook group so anyone that cannot make the LIVE workout can do when they want.


WARNING: You Might End Up Loving It!

What If I Miss A LIVE Session Time?

No Problem. We Record The 7am Session & Post On Our Page - So Do That One 👍

Get Ready For The Best Version Of You To Awaken
Because by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger, and more confident a new version of you will show up each day for your:

  • Partner / Husband - It will be like when you were younger and had so much FUN together
  • Your kids - You will inspire them to achieve more and fall in love with exercise
  • Your friends - They will feed off your energy and want to be around you
  •  Your boss/ work colleagues - New openings will be presented to you at work as people recognise your 'CAN DO' attitude - especially during a crisis. 
So What Does It Cost To Invest In Your Physical And Mental Health  During This Pandemic?
  • [LIVE] FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: high calorie FAT BLASTING workouts [x4 Per Day] with myself & the team- during the whole 21 days [value £99]
  • LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: Customised meal prep / plans / shopping lists just based on your fat loss goals [value £79]
  • ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation Daily LIVE Q & A sessions so that you stay on track throughout [value £79]
  • COMMUNITY: 24/7 access and support with the rest of the FBL community page where everyone helps , inspires, motivates each other [value £59]
  • TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAMME = £316 [but that's NOT what you need to pay!]
The Price Is NOT £316 But Instead Only £69!! 
£316     Regular Price: £69

Only £39!

Please Also Accept My Unconditional 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

I am passionate about this 21 Day Transformation Programme. I believe in it completely and I know that it works for me and for thousands of other ladies.

BUT should myself and my team NOT be able to deliver on what we promise and you are not 100% satisfied with your results then I will personally refund you the full amount you have paid.
No questions asked. 
Do You Have Any Questions?
Where are you based?
Suite 28, Bynea House
Heol Y Bwlch, Bynea 
But this programme is 100% online / virtual for those wishing / or having to self isolate 

When does the next programme start?
 You can join any date from Wednesday 25th March!

What if I try it and don't like it?
 No problem - you can have a full 100% refund! 😃
I'm a technophobe?
No problem.
So am I!
Once you've booked your place I will send you the link to download the software - There is no cost to you. We have paid for it already.
You will be set up in just 2 easy steps. 
How does the LIFESTYLE NUTRITION work?
Once you have reserved your spot we will help you to work out a recommended daily calorie intake based on your current goals and weight. Then we will provide you with a meal planner, shopping list and recipe book that will fit within this recommendation.
What If I miss a workout?
That's ok.
You can either do the same LIVE workout later that day.
Or you can do the recorded workout that you have missed as it will be left within our private members only Facebook Group. 
Is this 21 Day programme ok if I haven't exercised for quite a long time....honestly?
This is specifically designed for all exercise abilities – from beginner to advanced. 

Why are you so certain this will also work for me?
Because we have been refining this method over the last 5 years. Every workout is different so we don't allow your body the chance to get used to and predict what it will be doing. This is the key!
It's the same successful formula that we use in our facility - just delivered LIVE and online into your home instead. 

Do I need any equipment?
We are going to be using the best weight available - your own body-weight. 
There are plenty of exercises and workouts and variety that we can introduce to ensure you see fantastic RESULTS.

I work different shifts - can I switch my times around?
Pick whatever sessions you want each week. You don't have to stick to the same ones.

What if I don't do the exercises correctly?
Again no problem.
I will be able to actually see you in your living room and can correct anything that needs help regarding your technique.
It's not creepy 🤪
It just allows the workouts to be interactive still. 

What Extra Support Do I Receive?
You will receive documents regarding the following + we will be running a daily LIVE Q&A session to help everyone stay motivated and focused
  • Week 1: The importance of tracking - both food and body composition measurements
  • Week 2: Mindless snacking and how to take control with healthy snacks
  • Week 3: Alcohol and how to find balance so you can still enjoy whilst still achieving your weight loss goals 
Join NOW For £39 [still 14 places] OR Book A Call With Me
Last thing...what happens once I've paid?
You will receive a welcome email with the next steps as we get you all set up. 
You will also receive contact from me  within 24 hours [Monday to Friday] to get you booked in for the VIRTUAL induction.
If You Book Your Place TODAY Then You Will Also Receive These Extra Bonuses For FREE 😊
Would You Like My Cookbook For FREE As Well? [value £25]
If you're one of the first 8 ladies to book for the next programme then you can also have a FREE copy of my very own cookbook 😘 [over 100 tasty and healthy recipes]
A FREE Copy Of Our Amazon Best Seller 6 Week Body Transformation Programme Book:

PS: We've got this.  

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