Are You A Lady From Llanelli Who Wants To Drop At Least 1 Dress Size, Look More Toned, Improve Your Health And Fitness, And Feel More Attractive Than You Have In Years?
This Is For Ladies That Are Sick Of Feeling Like A Failure Because Of All The Previous Unsuccessful  Attempts, Being Miserable With The Post Birth Wobbly Bits And Are Fed Up Of Hormones Getting In The Way Of Their Weight Loss Goals
From: Jamie Stedman
I'm going to take a guess right now that you've tried the DVD's, the dance classes, the gym pump classes, the treadmill, running, walking, sit ups, juicing, Weight Watchers or Slimming World, and may be even the odd outdoor bootcamp

....... and as much as they may have worked for a while, none of it was long lasting?
As a result of this you may even be starting to believe that you are destined to be like this forever. Put it down to middle age, menopause, having kids etc.

- It's so exhausting just saying all of that let alone actually doing it all.
That's All Rubbish - Don't Let Your Mind Trick You
  • YOU Are Not A Failure: As I tell my clients all the time "You only fail if you give up"
  • You Are Capable Of Achieving Great Things: That Right now will probably seem impossible
  • It Is NOT Your Fault That These Previous Attempts Have Not Worked: The industry preys on you failing
What's Wrong With Dieting?
I used to be that person that would constantly deprive myself of nice foods, nights out, chocolate and red wine because I was 'ON A DIET"

The very word suggests SHORT TERM which means there is an end to the diet which also means you will then go back to 'Normal'

So whilst there might be some short term results whilst on the diet, it all comes back when you come off it - most of the time due to the change in metabolism you end up even bigger than before ....arghhhhh! 😣 
I've Seen It All Before...
What Do I Encourage My Members To Do ?
  • STOP Dieting: Yep - get into great shape whilst still enjoying red wine and chocolate 😘 [aka LIFESTYLE NUTRITION]
  • Learn About The Most Effective Fat Loss Exercises For Ladies Over 30 [stuff that would zap all the wobbly bits] [aka FAT LOSS WORKOUTS]
  •  Work On Focus And Mindset So That They Stay Motivated [aka ULTIMATE FOCUS]
I Became A Personal Trainer
So That I Could Help Other Ladies Learn This Stuff
I Wanted To Create A Non Judgemental & Non Intimidating Facility For Other Ladies Over 30 To Become A Part Of ---> COMMUNITY 😍
My Secret To This Success
Creating better habits regarding nutrition without having to completely cut anything out - this then becomes long lasting. 
Carefully designed workouts for maximum fat loss and toning - utilising the 'After Burn' effect so you continue to torch fat up to 24 hours after the workout 💪.

We provide the tools that will help you to stay motivated, focused and create a positive self image so that you feel great each and every day.
Our Nutrition, Workout And Focus Strategy Help YOU Get Toned
By Getting Rid Of Big, Wobbly Fat & Replacing With Small, Tight, Muscles
And It All Starts With Our 6 Week Body Transformation Programme [New And Improved For 2020]
"But I'm Worried I Won't Be Able To Change For The Long Term"
Again, I get it. This is common.
I remember when my client Sharon came to me and said "I keep seeing all of these other women getting amazing long lasting results, dropping dress sizes, changing their nutrition habits and I would think - They're so Committed and Dedicated and Disciplined" - I Can't Do That!!"

To which I then said
"You don't have to stay disciplined forever"
[🤔 - she was confused!!]

I added: You only need to be disciplined for as long as it takes to become a habit. Then it just becomes part of your weekly routine - like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. 

FORGET WILLPOWER - you don't need it with this structure in place. 
It Only Takes Between 28 and 42 Days To Create A New Habit 😃
So Who Exactly Is This For?
  • ​Would LOVE 💕❤ to feel confident again. Confident with your clothes on and even more confident with your clothes off 😉
  • ​Want to rediscover that zest for life. To wake up in the morning, jumping out of bed and looking forward to the day ahead [rather than hitting snooze!]
  • ​Those that have a few items of clothing [dress 👗or jeans] tucked away somewhere that you would love to squeeze back into [that's why you're keeping them after all?]
  • ​Deep down you want to prove to your friends and family that you CAN do this. And that you're NOT a failure. But most importantly you want to prove it to YOURSELF.
  • Want MORE Health
  • ​Want MORE Happiness
  • ​Want MORE Respect
  • ​Want A MORE Toned Body
  • ​Want MORE Confidence
  • ​Want MORE Energy
  • ​Want MORE Success
  • ​Want MORE Belief 
  • ​Basically This Programme Is For Ladies Over 30 That Want MORE For Themselves!
Here's What You Will Get On The Programme:
  • Drop 12-19lbs without having to starve yourself on rice cakes and lettuce
  • Drop 1-2 dress sizes
  • Get into the BEST Shape of your life
  •  Lose 3-6 inches from your waist
  •  Reduce cellulite from your legs
  •  FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: 3 high calorie FAT BLASTING workouts with a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer each week for 6 weeks [value £199]
  •  LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: Customised meal prep / plans / shopping lists just based on your fat loss goals [value £149]
  •  ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation tools so that you stay on track throughout [value £129]
  •  ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular measurement and weight readings so we can make sure you hit your goals [value £49]
  • COMMUNITY: 24/7 access and support with the rest of the FBL community page where everyone helps , inspires, motivates each other [value £79]
  • ​TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAMME = £605 [but that's NOT what you need to pay!]
Do You Live Within 8 Miles Of My Facility?
Next Programme Starts In March 2020

23 Sessions Per Week To Choose From ⏬
Totally flexible - so you can change the sessions times each week if you want.
  • 6am: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 7am: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 8am: Sat
  • 9am: Sat: 
  •  9:30am: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, 
  • 10:30am: Mon
  • 4:30pm: Tues
  •  5:30pm: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, 
  •  6:30pm: Mon, Wed, Thur
Get Ready For The Best Version Of You To Awaken
Because by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger, and more confident a new version of you will show up each day for your:

  • Partner / Husband - It will be like when you were younger and had so much FUN together
  • Your kids - You will inspire them to achieve more and fall in love with exercise
  • Your friends - They will feed off your energy and want to be around you
  •  Your boss/ work colleagues - New openings will be presented to you at work as people recognise your 'CAN DO' attitude
So What Does It Cost To Invest In Yourself And Receive All Of This:[Probably The Best Value Health And Fitness Programme In The Wales😉]
  • FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: 3 high calorie FAT BLASTING workouts each week with a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer for 6 weeks [value £199]
  • LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: Customised meal prep / plans / shopping lists just based on your fat loss goals [value £149]
  • ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation tools so that you stay on track throughout [value £129]
  • ​ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular measurement and weight readings so we can make sure you hit your goals [value £49]
  • COMMUNITY: 24/7 access and support with the rest of the FBL community page where everyone helps , inspires, motivates each other [value £79]
  • TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAMME = £605 [but that's NOT what you need to pay!]
The Price Is NOT £605 But Instead Only £149!! [Unless You Claim A Further Fast Action Discount Of £30 NOW] 😮
£605     Regular Price: £149
Claim £30 Discount NOW

Risk Free Split Payment Option

Reserve Your Place Now For Only £59.50
Then Pay Another £59.50 In 3 Weeks 😁

Please Also Accept My Unconditional 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

I am passionate about this 6 Week Transformation Programme. I believe in it completely and I know that it works for me and for thousands of other ladies.

BUT should myself and my team NOT be able to deliver on what we promise and you are not 100% satisfied with your results then I will personally refund you the full amount you have paid.
No questions asked. 
Do You Have Any Questions?
Where are you based?
Suite 28, Bynea House
Heol Y Bwlch, Bynea 
When does the next programme start?
Beginning of March 2020 
Can I just leave it until the next one?
Of course. Depending on the time of year we release a new programme every 1- 4 months apart.
How does the LIFESTYLE NUTRITION work?
Once you have reserved your spot we will help you to work out a recommended daily calorie intake based on your current goals and weight. Then we will provide you with a meal planner, shopping list and recipe book that will fit within this recommendation.
Is this 6 week programme ok if I haven't exercised for quite a long time....honestly?
This is specifically designed for all exercise abilities – from beginner to advanced. As long as you're over 30, female and live near Llanelli.

Why are you so certain this will also work for me?
Because we have been refining this method over the last 5 years. Every workout is different so we don't allow your body the chance to get used to and predict what it will be doing. This is the key!

I'm on holiday during the 6 weeks?
No problem. We’ll just extend by 1 week for you when you get back – so you get your full 6 weeks in

I work different shifts - can I switch my times around?
Pick whatever sessions you want each week. You don't have to stick to the same ones.

What Extra Support Do I Receive?
In Addition To The Weekly Workouts Here Is How We Help You Achieve Such Amazing Results:
  • Week 1: The importance of tracking - both food and body composition measurements
  • Week 2: Mindless snacking and how to take control with healthy snacks
  • Week 3: Alcohol and how to find balance so you can still enjoy whilst still achieving your weight loss goals 
  • Week 4: Post workout snack ideas and how this helps speed up recovery and target fat loss
  • Week 5: The importance of water and how to drink more of it to boost energy levels and stay focused
  • Week 6: Setting and smashing your next goal with new found confidence and belief
Join NOW For £119 [x2 split payments of £59.50]
Last thing...what happens once I've paid?
You will receive a welcome email with the next steps as we get you all set up. 
You will also receive contact from me  within 24 hours [Monday to Friday] to get you booked in for the induction.
If You Book Your Place TODAY Then You Will Also Receive These Extra Bonuses For FREE 😊
Would You Like My Cookbook For FREE As Well? [value £25]
If you're one of the first 8 ladies to book for the next programme then you can also have a FREE copy of my very own cookbook 😘 [over 100 tasty and healthy recipes]
A FREE Copy Of Our Amazon Best Seller 6 Week Body Transformation Programme Book:
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